Region VII Committees

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Region VII Executive Committee

The Region VII Executive Committee (REC) serves as an advisory board for the Regional Chair in guiding the affairs of the region and shall have responsibilities and powers conferred in the Regional Bylaws. The REC shall develop activities and programs for Region VII which are consistent with the goals and objectives of National Council and the wishes of the regional membership. In addition to the Chair, the REC consists of the Chair-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, Members-at-Large (2), and Immediate Past Chair.

Chair of Executive Committee: Trisha Southergill, Montana Technological University

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee takes the lead in conducting the year's volunteer activities by matching interested in volunteers with opportunities, identifying volunteers for the Regional Meeting, assign volunteer roles, follow up with volunteers to ensure coverage, and thank volunteers for supporting the meeting. The committee also helps compose the annual volunteer report for submission to the national office, including the compilation of volunteer data.

Chair of Volunteer Committee: Alexa Van Dalsem, University of Colorado

Communications Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to connect and support Region VII members by providing avenues for regional identity and regular communication.​

The Communications Committee will consist of at least 4 members: Chair, Webmaster, Social Media Editor, Newsletter Editor.  Additional members will be appointed by the Communications Chair, and subcommittees may be formed for each type of media. The committee  will provide and support the following:

  • Maintain a regional mascot and culture around that mascot

  • Maintain a regional newsletter providing regular updates to the Region VII membership. 

  • Maintain a robust and changing website with pertinent information, frequently updated 

  • ​Maintain robust social media feeds, particularly on Facebook and Twitter, so regional members get updates regularly

  • Conduct surveys periodically to make sure regional communication needs are being adequately met

Chair of Communications Committee: Trisha Southergill, Montana Technological University

Professional Education Development Committee

The purpose of the PEDC is to support professional development activities for regional members and provide a broad range of educational services to ensure that all regional members have access to professional development programming. This purpose supports the fundamental objectives of Region VII which is to create a learning environment that advances the development, growth and success of all NCURA members.

Chair of PEDC:

Kathryn O'Hayre, University of Colorado Boulder,

Nominations and Election Committee

This committee coordinates the elections from call to nominations to final announcement of the new elected officials. 

Chair of Nominations and Elections Committee: 

PUI Networking Committee

The PUI Networking Committee has been created in order to help connect the PUI's of Region VII.

Chair of PUI Networking Committee: Sylvia Bradshaw, Southern Utah University

Regional Awards Committee

The Regional Awards Committee helps to make decisions on the various regional awards awards by:  reviewing and scoring award nominations, making a selection, and participating in calls and emails discussing awards. This committee also coordinates the elections from call to nominations to final announcement of the new elected officials. 

Chair of Regional Awards Committee: Lisa Allen, Arizona State University,