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The LEADMe Program

Mentee, Mentor, and MINTs - Call for Applications

Due Date: Friday, December 6, 2019

Apply Here – Mentee or MINT (Mentor in Training)

Apply Here – Mentor


The Region VI Education and Professional Development Committee, along with Region VII, invites your participation as a LEADMe Program Mentee, MINT (Mentor-In-Training), or Mentor for the 11thyear of the program.

LEADMe is a proven program for leadership development,and yearly we seek out the best and brightest in our collective regions to participate.

These slots are limited and highly competitive. Each year we seek the best candidates in our regions to model the way.

Do you need a refresher about the program’s goals and objectives; Mentee, Mentor, and MINT expectations; or program activities and expectations? Check out the LEADMe section of our website to learn more.

Help NCURA Regions VI and VII develop their future leaders from the regions up!



Derick Jones, LEADMe Chair,

Nancy Lewis, LEADMe Co-Chair,


We want to offer you: cutting-edge programs that meet your needs; know what volunteer opportunities you want; and enhance your professional network. Please take a moment to update your membership profile here. NCURA is committed to diversity and inclusion in all activities. The full Statement on Diversity and Inclusion can be found here.

Friendly reminders

Regional Meeting 2020 Update

Hello Region VII!


Over the last couple months, the Chairs-Elect of Region VI, Vanessa Quiroz, and Region VII, Ashley Stahle have been in conversations about holding a joint RVI/RVII meeting Hawaii in 2020. They were under significant pressure to sign a contract with a location by December 31, 2018. Unfortunately, costs in Hawaii have increased significantly since the 2016 regional meeting. This environment is making it difficult to find a venue with reasonable costs. For example, current hotel rates for the willing venues are between $264-$279/night plus a resort fee of $30-$40/night, all before taxes. One location is approximately $160 roundtrip for a taxi to/from the airport and hotel, and flights from Region VII are more expensive than from the west coast. Not only are we focused on building a great program, but also on providing financial value. It is important that we do not price our members out of attending. Ashley and Vanessa are continuing to evaluate locations for the 2020 meeting, but it will not be held in Hawaii.


At the Region VII Strategic Planning Meeting last year in Billings, it was decided that we would try to pair with another region in 2021 and those discussions have begun. Region VII is growing, and it is time for us to take the next steps to support that growth and perhaps even host our own regional meeting.


Region VI and Region VII have a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship. Both understand that moving forward brings a need for change. The Officers of the two regions have begun discussions about which joint initiatives to maintain and which to pursue separately.  We intend to keep the membership and leadership apprised of plans and timelines.


If you have any questions, we are more than happy to discuss. This will be a topic for the 2019 Region VII Strategic Planning meeting in Seattle. As we approach the changes ahead, our focus is on acting with transparency and providing appropriate communication with you and the entire Region VII membership. We are confident that these changes will continue the growth and development of both Regions.


Diane Barrett, Chair


Ashley Stahle, Chair-elect