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Travel Awards

Regional Travel Award

is open through

August 12, 2022! 

Region VII supports travel awards to offset the costs of attendance at the NCURA Annual and Regional Meeting. 

See below for details.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Applicants must be research administrators from within the Region VII geographic area (AZ • CO• ID • MT • NM • UT• WY). Applicants need not be members of NCURA in order to apply.

2. Applications and support letters must demonstrate both the potential benefit of the award and the individual/institutional need for travel assistance.

3. The application and/or the support letter(s) must demonstrate that the applicant has secured their manager or supervisor's approval to attend the meeting.

4. Should the cost of attendance exceed the amount of the award, the application and/or the support letter(s) must confirm that the awardee or the awardee’s home institution will cover the balance.

Selection of the awardees will be determined by the Region VII Award Committee, based on perceived need and potential benefit to the applicant and the applicant’s institution. Selection criteria used by the Committee include:

* Benefit of attendance

* Candidate's contribution to his/her organization, and ability to add value to organization if able to attend the meeting

* Relevant experience of the candidate

* Strength and applicability of support letter(s).

* Reasons why the applicant's institution could not support the applicant's attendance at the meeting in the absence of a travel award

Selection Criteria

Past Travel Award Recipients


Annual Meeting:

John Williamson - Colorado State University-Pueblo

Regional Meeting:

Diana Ehrlich - Colorado State University 

Emmalee Moore - University of Wyoming


Annual Meeting:

Shannon Malone - Fort Lewis College

Regional Meeting:

Alicia Armentrout - Colorado State University

Sharon Buck - Northern Arizona State University

Kenwyn Richards - University of Idaho


Annual Meeting: 

Annette Foster - Colorado State University

Samantha Mayhew - Colorado State University

Regional Meeting:

Audrey Oberlin - Colorado State University

Rachel Norris - Montana State University


Annual Meeting:

Regional Meeting:


Annual Meeting:

Nicole Tuttle - Utah State University

Regional Meeting:

Catherine Douras - Colorado State University


Annual Meeting:

Dianthony Davis - University of Colorado Denver

Spencer Thomas - Huntsman Cancer Institute

Regional Meeting:

Becky Van Zee - Montana State University

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