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Volunteer Award 2024

2024 Region VII Volunteer Service Award -

Call for Nominations

Region VII is proud to announce and open nominations for the region’s merit-based recognition award.  This year we would like to recognize an individual who has provided outstanding volunteer service to the region (and beyond). We hope that members take this opportunity to nominate a colleague whom they believe meet the outlined criteria.

NOTE: The 2024 Region VII Volunteer Service Award Call for Nominations Period is open 6/01/2024-7/19/2024

Nomination Period

Nominations will open June 1, 2024 - July 19, 2024. Nominees will have the opportunity to accept their nominations by July 26, 2024. The award recipients will be announced at the Region 7 Annual Business Meeting at RM2024. 


​A candidate for the Region VII Outstanding Volunteer Service Award:

  • Must be a current or past member of NCURA at an institution located in Region VII

  • Must have made a significant volunteer contribution* to Region VII

  • Current Region VII Awards Committee Chair, Co-Chairs and members are eligible for nomination for the Region VII Outstanding Volunteer Service Award. Should the nomination be accepted, the nominee will be required to recuse themselves from the remaining award process. The Region Chair and/or Committee Chair may add a substitute committee member at their discretion.

  • Eligible for this award once in a five-year cycle (even if years are not concurrent).

*significant contribution will be measured by the evidence submitted that demonstrates reach and impact of the nominee’s activities

Nomination Process

A complete nomination packet consists of:

  • A nomination form which is completed online

  • A letter from the nominator detailing the nominee’s significant volunteer efforts to Region VII of NCURA (no self-nominations allowed).  The letter should address the relevant components of the scoring rubric; and,

  • Additional letters of support from individuals familiar with the nominee’s contributions to Region VII of NCURA will be accepted to demonstrate the nominee’s impact/reach within Region .

  • A completed copy of the form and all supporting documents should be submitted via the Nomination Form.

Final selection of the awardees will be by the Region VII Awards Committee.

Rubric for Scoring

The following factors and measures will be taken into consideration in the scoring of each nomination:

  • Volunteer service as a regional or national officer;

  • Volunteer service on committees (number of committees, variety, events and programs supported, evidence of impact on change);

  • Volunteer service at NCURA events (level of activity and engagement with other members). Examples of volunteer activities include registration, hospitality, concierge, dinner group coordinator, etc.

  • Superior volunteer service level that stands out due to an extraordinary effort


Nominees will receive a score between 0/1-5 on each of the criteria above. The combined score will be used to rank order for selection.  In the event of a tied score, the committee members will vote to determine the final recipient.

Volunteer Service Award Recipients

2023: Ashley Stahle, Colorado State University
2022: Vicki Krell, Arizona State University
2021: Judy Fredenberg, University of Montana 

Volunteer Opportunities 

So you are interested in joining Region VII awesome volunteers? We are so excited to have you!

Keep scrolling to find the perfect fit.

As a volunteer within NCURA Region VII, you contribute to the success of many others in your field as you serve and share. Volunteering is an excellent way to make new connections in the field, gain new knowledge and perspective, and of course, make new friends.

Unable to commit to a standing committee? Have no fear!

We have all types of opportunities to volunteer with different level of commitments from one time small commitments to year long or longer committees.

Interested in Volunteering?
Questions or Concerns?
Contact Garrett Steed


Regional and National Conference Volunteering

Conference Presenter

  • Present at regional and/or annual meetings

  • Prepare presentation with co-lead

Time Commitment:

  • 5 Hours preparation

  • 1-1.5 Hour sessions at conference

Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

Regional Meeting Volunteer Committee Member

  • Education Fund fundraiser Lead

  • Registration Desk - instructions, set-up, volunteer

  • Set-up Signup for volunteers

  • Swag ideas and order/Post its

  • New member/Lead Me breakfast

  • Welcome Packet assembly and organizing components

  • Social Media Lead at conference

  • Monday night dinner group leads

  • Fun activities lead

  • Running group lead

  • Photographer

Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour per week 6 weeks leading up to rational conference 

  • 1-4 hours during conference week

Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

Regional Meeting Planning Committee Member

  • Site selection

  • Communication with conference location

  • Registration desk location

  • Vendor Relations

  • Entertainment Coordinator

  • Session room assignments

Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour per week 6 weeks leading up to national conference 

  • 1-4 hours during conference week

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Regional Meeting Program Committee Member

  • Serve as co-track leader

  • Review session proposals

  • Plan track session topics

  • Reach out to presenters to fill session gaps

  • Communicate with presenters to gather session information

  • Participate in Region VII and VI Program Meeting calls

Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour biweekly calls June-October 

  • June-October annually 

  • 1-2 hours per week additional

Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

National Meeting Volunteer Committee Member

  • Volunteers needed for registration desk

  • Set-up Signup for volunteers at registration desk

  • Create registration desk instructions

  • Come up with swag ideas and order

  • Region VII networking activities

  • Social Media Lead

Time Commitment:

  • 1 hour per week 4 weeks leading up to national conference 

  • 1-4 hours during conference week

Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

REgion VII volunteering

Social Media Coordinators 

  • Regular posting on Region VII Facebook page

Time Commitment:

  • Year Round

  • 48-96 Hours Annually

  • Travel to regional meeting encouraged, but not required

Experience Level: Intermediate 

Communication Committee Member

  • Carry out Region VII communication plan

  • Assist with Region VII monthly newsletter, website, surveys and social media

Time Commitment: Year Round
Experience Level: Beginner to Advanced

Regional Awards Committee Member

  • Members of the committee will be responsible for the implementation of the Regional Awards Program.
    Committee work will include:
    • Establishing a timeline
    • Identifying awards, criteria and scoring system
    • Developing a nomination and selection process
    • Develop the awards program for the regional meeting

Time Commitment: 5-10 Hours starting in Summer
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Nominations and Elections Committee Member

  • Coordinates the elections from call to nominations to final announcement of the new elected officials.

Time Commitment: Year Round
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

Professional and Education Development Committee (PEDC) Member

  • Support professional development activities for regional members and provide a broad range of educational services to ensure that all regional members have access to professional development programming.

Time Commitment: Year Round
Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced 

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