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Volunteer Opportunities 

So you are interested in joining Region VII awesome volunteers? We are so excited to have you!

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As a volunteer within NCURA Region VII, you contribute to the success of many others in your field as you serve and share. Volunteering is an excellent way to make new connections in the field, gain new knowledge and perspective, and of course, make new friends.

Unable to commit to a standing committee? Have no fear!

We have all types of opportunities to volunteer with different level of commitments from one time small commitments to year long or longer committees.

Interested in Volunteering?

Questions or Concerns?

Contact Alexa Van Dalsem

Pre-Event Opportunities

Vendor Relations

Annual time commitment: 20-25 hours


  • Work collaboratively with Region VI counterparts in obtaining sponsorship from vendors

  • Provide on-site support to vendor sponsors

  • Assist with packaging vendor materials for distribution to meeting attendees


Entertainment Coordinator

Help make the regional meeting be educational AND fun!

Annual time commitment: 15-20 hours


  • Arrange entertainment for Tuesday night banquet/dinner

  • Arrange entertainment for other meeting events as requested

  • Gather information about local area events, offerings and sights

  • Coordinate local liaisons/hospitality volunteers

On-site Opportunities

Attending the Regional Meeting?

Here are some easy ways to volunteer while you are there!

Registration Desk

A great volunteer opportunity – meet and help your fellow members!

Annual time commitment: 2 hours


  • Greeting and checking in members from the registration list

  • Giving members their badge

  • Reminding members of activities

  • Answering questions about session times and locations


Annual time commitment: as convenient during the course of the meeting

Enrich your artistic side by taking pictures of attendees and speakers during:

  • Social functions

  • Business functions


Room Monitors/Evaluation Coordinators

Annual time commitment: less than an hour per session

Assist speakers and be an attendee at the same time:

  • Hand out evaluation sheets to attendees

  • Coordinate and confirm with the speakers any assistance required.

  • Assist in counting number of attendees

  • Collect evaluations at the end of the session

  • Make sure room is comfortable and there is adequate seating


Local Liaison/Hospitality:

Are you an expert of the local area? This is a volunteer opportunity to assist your fellow members. Local Liaisons are asked to attend new member and welcome events and make themselves available in the hospitality suite to answer questions.

Annual time commitment: 5-7 hours

Assist with information regarding:

  • Local transportation

  • Special interest regarding local attractions

  • Shopping, restaurant tips, etc.

Short term volunteer

Hot Topic conference call/webcast moderator

Something's going on in the world of research administration and we should talk about it! Help facilitate the discussion by volunteering to moderate the virtual meeting.

Annual time commitment: 5-7 hours

  • Collaborate with other identified moderators to create meeting agenda

  • Identify regional/national experts in the subject area

  • Attend the virtual meeting

New Member Guide: Colleague Connections

Been around the block a couple of times? This is the perfect opportunity to welcome a new member to Region VII and fill them in on all the great things you've learned through NCURA. We will match you up with a new member in your vicinity and ask that you reach out to that member during their first year of membership.

Annual time commitment: 12-15 hours

Duties include:

  • initial contact with new member, including introduction

  • monthly check ins

  • discuss conferences available and check in prior to conferences

  • resource assistance

  • report back to volunteer coordinators at year midpoint and year end on progress

Travel Award Committee Member

Want to help select who receives a travel award? Have a passion for reading and reviewing nominations? This is the committee for you. 

Annual time commitment: 5-10 hours

Duties include:

  • Reviewing and scoring travel award nominations

  • Making a selection

  • Participating in calls and emails discussing travel awards

long term volunteer


Selection:  The Region VII volunteer coordinator positions are filled by appointment.  Two volunteer coordinators should be in place for each election year.  Each incoming chair elect selects a volunteer coordinator who will serve as lead coordinator during the chair elect's time as chair. The current chair's appointed volunteer coordinator will take the lead in conducting the year's volunteer activities, and will train the incoming volunteer coordinator so that they may continue with and improve upon established regional volunteer activities.

Duties include: 

  • Compose the annual volunteer report for submission to the national office, including the compilation of volunteer data;

  • work with regional meeting program committee to identify meeting activities to be supported by volunteers;

  • work with Region VI volunteer coordinator(s) to identify volunteers for the regional meeting, assign volunteer roles, follow up with volunteers to ensure coverage, and thank volunteers for supporting the meeting;

  • engage Region VII members in non-regional meeting volunteer opportunities (e.g., mentor programs, periodic regional conference calls or web conferences for topical discussions, regional publications, etc.);

  • create, circulate for approval and post the annual call for engagement by the Region VII executive committee for posting on the region's web page; and,

  • train and collaborate with incoming volunteer coordinator.

Approximate Time Commitment:  60-100 hours annually.  Travel to regional meeting encouraged but not required. 

If interested, please contact the current volunteer coordinator or regional chair.


Promotes the Region’s mission and vision through the use of social media, email, website and other forms of communication


  • Identifies content to posted to Region III social media sites

  • Creates daily posts for all regional social media sites to maintain a steady presence in these outlets

  • Ensures content on the regions social media sites are appropriate, up to date and relevant 

Annual Time Commitment: 48-96 hours annually. Travel to regional meeting encouraged but not required.