Election 2021

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Positions Open for Nominations 2021:

Chair Elect - 2022 

Treasurer Elect - 2022

Secretary - 2022-2023

Member At Large - 2022-2023

Chair Elect

Treasurer Elect


tricia callahan.jpg

Tricia Callahan, 
Colorado State University

Bergeron Kelly_edited.jpg

Kelly Bergeron, 
Colorado State University


Noelle Strom, 
University of Denver


Joelina Peck, 
Arizona State University

Member at Large

Thanks to our nominees for standing for these positions! Now is your opportunity to select leaders who will help shape the direction of Region VII.

The electronic polls are open for the next 30 days and will close at 5:00 pm Mountain Time on August 13th. Please vote using the election email to participate. This ballot link is unique to you and your vote may be recorded only once.  Do not forward the email to others.
You may cast one vote for each position, and there is a provision for your write-in vote as well. Should you experience problems with the ballot link, please contact Emily Ainsworth ainsworth@ncura.edu for assistance.